In order to listen with both ears we need a good sense of balance. This is especially important for musicians because our hearing also influences the sound we make. But a sense of balance must constantly be improved and developed. It is particularly effective when this is combined directly with practice. There are tried and tested helps for this, such as various Ballkissen® cushions, which can be employed in quite different ways when practising alone or for tuition. By everyone! Developing your balance aids successful music making..


Children develop balance with playful ease

Like child's play: the children stand light and easy on the Mini Ballkissen® Kids cushions and shift their balance from one to the other, with and without their instrument. This is fun for them, and at the same time they train their sense of balance and with that improve their hearing. This activity is accompanied by a host of additional benefits that have a direct impact on violin and viola playing.


Number of cushions

It is best to have 5-6 such cushions for children at home. For teachers giving individual tuition it is best to have 6-10 cushions. For group tuition (large groups) each child should have at least 2 available for them.

Lots of variations are possible

Various games and activities can be incorporated into lessons. Particularly suitable are games that introduce rhythm and phrasing. For instance, 5 cushions are wonderful for walking in 4/4 time, forwards and backwards: the first and last in the row always form the first beat in the bar.

Developing balance while playing cello


Much as with the high strings, cellists derive profit from the Mini Ballkissen® Kids cushions. Even when one is seated they make it easy to practice finding one’s balance: when cello pupils place their feet on the cushion they stop clenching their legs so hard when holding the cello. The placement of the feet is then no longer "firm", but slowly begins to be stable while simultaneously remaining moveable so that the position can be optimised. The height of the cushion is also very good for small children: it grants enough space between the knee and the bow. It is also very important to pay attention to that. If there is not enough space, one can alter it in various ways by changing the height of the chair and individually adjusting the endpin.

Adults have also tried out these little cushions and were full of enthusiasm.

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