ResoundingBow for better sound and healthier playing

The ResoundingBow is world-wide the sole bow attachment of its kind for string instruments. It creates an appreciable improvement in sound quality and leads to relaxed bowing on violins, violas and cellos. With that it contributes to healthy playing on string instruments. It is a bow attachment that is fitted with nubs that massage the muscles and fasciae of the hand and fingers while playing. When learning an instrument the joy of making music is central. But this is only true as long as progress is made and the instrument is learnt without injuries. The ResoundingBow is an innovative help here. As has been confirmed by numerous testers.


Who can use the ResoundingBow?


Pupils enjoy using it to relax and hone the way they hold the instrument during daily practice, and within a short time develop a sound rich in overtones.


Music students love it because it helps them attain their technical and sonic goals during practice – with greater efficiency and without pain or muscular tension.


The bow attachment is greatly valued by teachers for furthering their pupils’ bowing and bow technique, while increasing their sensibility for a beautiful sound.

Concert players

String players, who very frequently suffer from muscular tension as a result of lengthy rehearsals and performances, likewise use the bow attachment because they greatly value its benefits, and above all soloists rate the effect it has on the tone.

Amateur musicians

A great enthusiasm is also shown by amateur musicians, who often have little time to practice an instrument outside their professional commitments. Already a few minutes playing with the ResoundingBow allows them to produce a relaxed sound rich in overtones, which they enjoy hearing..


Coming soon! And when will it be?

The bow attachment is now fully developed and the prototypes have already been successfully tested. At present they are being scaled to form a series. The basic procedure for this has been established. As soon as a date is fixed for the launch, the videos that have already been prepared will be activated and first orders taken.

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