Always one step ahead with the ResoundingFingerboard

For violin, viola, cello and double bass


The ResoundingFingerboard is a fingerboard attachment designed for all string players of all levels. It can be used to learn and improve important technical aspects of instrumental playing, such as vibrato, trills or the double finger technique, in an innovative and effective way. This has some highly beneficial side effects: The finger speed becomes faster, the finger fall becomes more precise, and the intonation cleaner. The user will quickly develop an ideal balance between the stability and flexibility required in the fingers and find it easier to vary their newly developed sound spectrum. On top of all this, the ResoundingFingerboard allows the user to achieve better results in less time, while enjoying a more relaxed style of playing at the same time..

The ResoundingFingerboard enables

  • More pronounced and relaxed vibrato
  • Faster and more even trills
  • A more precise and accurate double grip technique
  • A more refined and precise finger drop
  • Faster finger speed
  • Clearer intonation
  • A more sonorous left-hand pizzicato technique
  • A new sound spectrum
  • The perfect balancebetween stability and flexibility
  • Preventively, healthierand more relaxedmusic making

Arm vibrato

The fingerboard attachment allows players to learn and practice and a round arm vibrato with more pronounced in a relaxed way – and makes it easier to adjust a vibrato style they have already acquired. The joints in the fingers and the arm-shoulder movement can move freely thanks to the flexible knobs, while the fingertips acquire a new feel for the stability and flexibility that players require. This has a positive effect on the sound and intonation.

Collection of more than 40 exercises

The studioTSNH offers violin and viola players a large collection of exercises for learning and developing the arm vibrato. It is the first extensive oeuvre on that topic and some of exercises include the ResoundingFingerboard. Inspired by Galamian and developed for all levels, more than 40 exercises and around 100 variations bring practitioners, teachers and concert performers to their unique sound their arm vibrato. >>Learn more . The new bilingual brochure about the arm vibrato offers 39 exercises with around 90 variations for all levels of playing. >>Watch the trailer or >>shop it here


Trills, the double grip technique, finger drop, and more

Video clips are being produced for all of the technical aspects mentioned above – including trills, vibrato, double grip, finger drop, increasing finger speed, improving intonation or the left-hand pizzicato technique, etc. – created to show viewers exactly how each technique can be practiced. They include ideas and suggestions that everyone can adopt and then vary, develop or adapt for themselves.

Generally speaking, contact with the little knobs brings about a particular sensitivity in the fingers that likely cannot be matched without them, and which is transferred into the body. They also lead to a freedom of movement – starting with slow movements – and a new sense of precision. The ResoundingFingerboard is therefore just as suitable for the professional musician in their day-to-day playing as it is for instrumental lessons and home practice. The only requirements for use are: a pleasure in experimenting, a keenness to make real improvements, and the courage to look at things from a different perspective.


Hand cast material with special benefits

One of the greatest challenges when making music is to strike the right balance between the necessary flexibility and softness in physical movements, joints, fingertips, while at the same time making sure that finger work is applied and held with a firmness and precision. It has not yet been made scientifically clear why this attachment is not effective when made using any materials. Other materials can have the opposite effects: instead of relaxing or simplifying movements, aggravations, cramps and pain may occur.

The special thing about the ResoundingFingerboard is that everything feels so light straight away, and this in turn means that you can learn new movements or re-adjust old, long-established movement patterns in a very relaxed way. The ResoundingFingerboard provides support to everyone on an individual basis, as the positioning of the attachment is ideal once the required balance between flexibility and stability has been achieved.

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