Improving the vibrato, trills, speed and more

The handmade ResoundingFingerboard is a vibrato-helper which revolutionizes learning and improving the vibrato of all violinists and violists: beginners, advanced players and concert players. Two vacuum cups ensure an optimal grip on the fingerboard and the row of nubs ensures the necessary flexibility and stability from the fingers to the shoulders. A big advantage is: if one performs the vibrato movements "well", the ResoundingFingerboard rewards with a perfect fit. If one puts too much pressure on it or performs "badly", one can learn that also from the fit. It is awarded with the bronze medal by the International Zuruf of iENA 2019.


Handmade - Special material requirements

One of the biggest efforts in reaching a good vibrato is finding the balance between flexibility and stability. It hasn’t yet been scientifically proved, why this kind of attachment doesn’t work with other kinds of material. The only thing that is clear is that attachments made of different materials cause contrary effects: instead of causing relaxation and improvement of the vibrato movements, it causes obstructions and frustrations.

The peculiarity of the ResoundingFingerboard is, that - practicing the vibrato with it - everything feels so easy. This is the optimum moment and a great chance for changes. Because of the reason that a good balance between stability and flexibility will be rewarded with a perfect fit, the ResoundingFingerboard supports everyone individually.

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